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Share your CCNA v3.0 Experience

August 23rd, 2016 Go to comments

The CCNA 200-125 has come to replace the old CCNA 200-120 exam. We create the “Share your CCNA v3.0 Experience” for everyone to share their experience after taking this exam.

Note: We have a topic of Frequently Asked Questions & Tips for CCNA learners, surely you will find valuable information about the CCNA exam there.

Please share with us your experience after taking the new CCNA 200-125 exam, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

Your posts are warmly welcome! Hope you will find useful information from friends who have taken the CCNA exam!

Note: Email is not allowed to show in comment section.

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  1. ccnaExam
    September 18th, 2018

    anyone can help with opening VCE dump files, I couldn’t find a free program

  2. CptSky
    September 18th, 2018

    @ccnaExam Download the Rafael’s Chinese dumps. There is a VCE player inside them.


  3. khoa
    September 18th, 2018

    Can I use “tab” or “?” for the config sim in the exam ?, thank

  4. ccna-pursuit
    September 18th, 2018

    Has any one got the VTP sim and NAT sim in exam. I just dont want to prepare it . It looks like these are sims are not coming in exam anymore its just and extra burden

  5. Help
    September 18th, 2018

    @All are all Rafael’s file enough to pass the exam??? your response will be much appreciated. Thank you!

  6. iwillnotdanceevenifthebeatsfunky
    September 18th, 2018

    passed today, all questions from 9tut

    i got one new ACL sim, but questions were easy – you have a router and a switch, several standard ACLs configured on the router and you have 3 questions about what they do.

    TCP/UDP drag and drop question updated with VOIP and telnet application

    sim for IPv6 , RIP, EIGRP with GRE, OSPF – same from 9tut

    thank you 9tut so much!!!!

    good luck everyone!!!!

  7. Codify
    September 18th, 2018


    your the best!!!

  8. Sergio
    September 18th, 2018

    @Rafael Thank you so much bro you’re the best!

  9. rocket_man
    September 18th, 2018

    pass exam today 936
    Config : ACL mod 3 , ACL1 and VLAN are same answer from dumps
    Troubleshoot : RIPV2 , OSPF Neighbor Sim , EIGRP GRE , GRE Multilink Sim


    Drag and Drop same from dumps

    DNS , domain , cache
    eBGP , BGP peer , Prefix

    IP host , IP name , IP DNS server

  10. AD
    September 18th, 2018

    Hi Guys,

    today I passed my exam! thank you so much tut9 and also chines dump,

    advise : try to learn Sim and DO NOT MEMORIZE THEM at all!! the topology are same but questions are different (not all some of them)

    Good Luck all!

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