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TroubleShooting Lab Challenge 3 (Switch Basic)

August 28th, 2015 Go to comments

You have just been recruited to the TUT company. Recently your company has just setup a new network with five switches and three routers. Unfortunately, the network administrator forgot to write interface labels for the topology. You are only allowed to access the Command Line Interface (CLI) of Sw3. Use various “show” commands to answer the questions.

Note: You are not allowed to configure anything by company policy. So just use various “show” commands to find out the answers.


Please access this lab challenge via this link: http://juquitiba.sp.gov.br/?exams=lab_challenges/TroubleShooting_Lab_Challenge_3/

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  1. Muravei
    September 10th, 2015


    Comand ‘show cdp nei deta’ shows us that all connetcted devices have ip addreses.
    This is wrong.

  2. Muravei
    September 10th, 2015

    OH! Sorry me again! There are all correct! I am so remiss! Arghhh!)

  3. Dani
    October 14th, 2015

    Hi 9tut
    this lab is not working properly anymore, the Command Line Interface (CLI) doesn’t work too,
    is there any other link for this Lab.
    thank you in advance :) .

  4. 9tut
    October 14th, 2015

    @Dani: We checked but found no problem. If the problem still exists, could you please take a screenshot of your problem and send to support@9tut.com?

  5. Dani
    October 15th, 2015

    @ tut
    it’s working fine now , I don’t know what was the problem !!!.
    thank you very much.
    regards :) .

  6. rawul
    November 4th, 2015

    can someone please send me ccna 200-120 exam please. A pdf file will work. my email rawul_19@yahoo.com
    I will really appreciate it.

  7. Jessa
    November 7th, 2015

    I can’t see the topology

  8. Jessa
    November 7th, 2015

    9tut I can’t see the running config and ip route

  9. 9tut
    November 7th, 2015

    @Jessa: Could you please take a screenshot and send to support@9tut.com so that we can identify your problem?

  10. fraz
    January 8th, 2016

    can any boy explain how t calculate this in nat
    Router1(config)#access-list 1 permit
    i dont understand how these number for private ip comes

  11. Anonymous
    January 14th, 2016

    I can’t use some commands in this lab.
    show mac, show mac-address table, show ip arp
    message “This command is not supported on this device”.
    I can’t see the arp table and asnwer the questions.
    Could anyone hel me?

  12. 9tut
    January 14th, 2016

    @Anonymous: You have to use the “show mac address-table”, not “show mac-address-table” command.

  13. me
    January 24th, 2016

    i’m clicking “Show questions” and “Show topology” but nothing is happening. I can’t even use CLI of Sw3. Am I only one with this problem?

  14. ABN_GH
    January 24th, 2016

    the show question and the cli ceases to function.is there a way out?pls help

  15. black-cisco
    January 27th, 2016

    i’m also conferming that CLI not working at this moment

  16. Anonymous
    January 29th, 2016

    For the question that has the sh vtp status listed when adding a new switch. The new switch has a higher revision number and is a server so wouldn’t the answer be that Singers Artist and Composers would be present on both switches because the Vlans would be added to SW3 fom the new switch?

  17. Anonymous
    February 10th, 2016

    simulation does not run on latest versions of Firefox, Chrome or IE. Any ideas?

  18. HB
    February 10th, 2016

    Questions do not appear when button is pressed and simulation does not work. CLI does not work.

  19. mubarakhussein
    February 11th, 2016

    this lab is starting stuck, it was working some time ago, but for now is not working….

  20. 9tut
    February 17th, 2016

    Thanks for your information. We have just fixed this lab. Now it is working correctly.

  21. Anonymous
    February 24th, 2016

    This is an amazing scenario that will make you how to troubleshoot in deep

  22. Jino
    March 3rd, 2016

    9tut please have look here:

    Sorry for my English – not very good!

    Question about the VTP is wrong!

    1st – the new switch have higher revision number from switch 3. swX have revision number 6 while sw3 have revision number 5!!!
    2nd – from the topology we know that actually SW2 is the one who’s sending VLAN info to other switches, but we cannot check the revision number of SW2, so assuming SW2 have same revision number as SW3 still the new switch have to overwrite its own VLAN info to all other switches.
    3rd – from the answer given it says SW3 and the new swX the have the same vtp domain name called ‘Home_Office’ which is also wrong – domain name in the question is ‘tut’

    Please 9tut correct me if I am wrong!

  23. Cuaresmillo
    June 16th, 2016

    Dear 9tut, about question 2 in this lab: it says that the frame is to be flooded to 4 ports in VLAN 33 other than the one that received the frame. However, per the show spanning-tree vlan 33 command, it can be seen that 2 of the ports listed as correct answers, e0/2 and e1/2, are in blocking state. Hence, the exercise should ask for two ports only, e0/3 and e1/3. Am I missing something here? Thanks for the exercises! They are great practice.

  24. Adnen
    July 9th, 2016

    hi all pls can i have the answer for this lab

  25. GTAV
    March 20th, 2017

    Hello 9Tut! I was doing this lab and came across question 5 about flooding the frame to all ports belonging to Vlan 33, on the answers provided there’s port E1/2 as a correcta answer, however when I looked into the mac address-table and show vlan I couldn’t find any interface E1/2 associated with vlan 33. This is what I found…

    Question 5
    show mac address-table

    33 0010.6b1d.00cb DYNAMIC Et1/3
    33 0001.6d1d.0e97 DYNAMIC Et1/1 = SOURCE
    33 aabb.cc00.0700 DYNAMIC Et0/3
    33 aabb.cc00.0800 DYNAMIC Et0/1

    Show vlan
    33 Artists active Et1/1, Et1/3

    E1/2 is not in the mac table or the vlan database.

    Not sure if I missed something or a glitch, please let me know if I made a mistake. Amazing labs by the way, thank you…

  26. StandbyIsUnknown
    March 20th, 2017

    hello 9tut! please help
    question 7 i managed to find the cost to the root bridge with the associated port 3(e0/2)

    and used command

    SW3#sh cdp neig
    Capability Codes: R – Router, T – Trans Bridge, B – Source Route Bridge
    S – Switch, H – Host, I – IGMP, r – Repeater, P – Phone,
    D – Remote, C – CVTA, M – Two-port Mac Relay

    Device ID Local Intrfce Holdtme Capability Platform Port ID
    Sw4 Eth 0/2 142 R S I WS-C3560- Eth 0/0
    Sw5 Eth 1/2 143 R S I WS-C3560- Eth 0/1
    Sw2 Eth 0/3 142 R S I WS-C3560- Eth 0/2
    R8 Eth 0/1 156 R B

    how is it possible that Sw5 is the root bridge???

  27. CCNA soon
    September 17th, 2017

    Hi 9tut, I agree with Jino, March 3rd, 2016. Something is amiss with the answer for new switch being added to network. I said new vlans will be on both switches. please explain

  28. SN
    September 27th, 2017

    show interface trunk
    Et1/2 on 802.1q trunking 1

    Frame will be flooded out VLAN 33 and trunk ports

  29. Ahmed IRAQI
    January 26th, 2018

    i don’t think your explanation is right

  30. Ahmed IRAQI
    January 26th, 2018

    HI TUT
    PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY “Port Et1/2 will also receive the frame”

  31. Ahmed IRAQI
    January 26th, 2018

    by the way..
    the question about VTP is kindly wrong! because if we connect the new switch ( switch X) with (switch 3) and they have the same VLAN’s names ( as its config saying that ) ,the vlans won’t update due to similarity in its names …(i try this in packet tracer)

  32. cthelightbfree
    January 28th, 2018

    I know some of the CLI problems were from 2 years ago… but no one really explained what the problem was or how it was fixed… I also experienced issues with the CLI, and I think it was because I clicked in the “results” box by accident instead of the “input” box. That consistently freezes the CLI. Whatever I type, there are no results at all. I tried refreshing the window to no avail. I have to simply close out that window, re-click on the original lab link… and good to go. The questions remain in their respective window… don’t have to touch that one, it will stay on the question you are on… and the topology window remains as is. Just close the window with the CLIs, and reopen with the original link. The CLI will be restored and working fine again. Easy as that.

  33. zsolt
    May 6th, 2018

    Could you please send me the latest questions of CCNA? I will take the exam next week.
    Thank you.

  34. JJ
    July 11th, 2018

    Great Practice again!
    Learned so much off the book from this lab exercise!
    Thank You :)

  35. Fex
    March 7th, 2019

    How come “The VLANs Singers, Artists and Composers will be removed from existing switches” is the answer though the New_Switch with a higher revision number also has the same VLANs in its configuration….

    Wont they just be updated????

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